These map icons are an attempt to create a simple consistent set of vector icons suitable for cartographic use.

The icons where particularly created for use with Open Street Map data using the Mapnik renderer and as such many of the naming conventions are based on those used for Open Street Map tags.


CC0 To the extent possible under law, SJJB Management has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to SJJB SVG Map Icons. This work is published from United Kingdom.

That said, if you are making extensive use of these icons and your medium is suitable a credit would always be appreciated linking back to this page. For instance: "Map icons CC-0 from SJJB Management"


A number of these icons are derived from US National Park Service Cartography. Other symbols have been derived from Public Domain sources; details for individual symbols are available in SOURCES.txt which is included with the distribution.

All sources are belived to be Public Domain and this has been check to best of my ability, however if you do have a concern over copyright please email me.


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